Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wot's All This Then?

I've had quite enough of this growing up shit.

I'm a sheltered soul. I'm from North London: I grew up in a world sheltered from nearly everything. The hardest drug in my world was Labatt 50, and racism existed only in the world of irony. I lived with my parents until I left the city at the age of 26 to go to grad school.

Sure, Edmonton has its share of interesting experiences; meth addicts, hookers who look like the girls outside Jim Bob's, free money just for living here.

But today I submitted an app to McGill for a PhD and had a fight with the folks about--of all things--a goddamn wedding.

Why the hell would anyone in their right mind fight about a wedding? There's a level of juvenility to that--the distilation of all that one hates about the most basic social order that is highschool within the crucible of a putatively joyous family event--that never ceases to amaze. And piss off.

I've had quite enough of real life today.

Instead of continuing to read about my day, why don't you go download (or iTunes... is that a verb yet?) Flathead by The Fratellis. Either the song or the whole album--it doesn't matter. I'll wait here.

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