Friday, January 19, 2007

Links are important, both for amusement and tying people down

I feel an obligatory need to apologize for all of the links that have been cropping up in the past few posts. There are many reasons: the overabundance of entertaining web content thanks to the Time Persons of the Year that are contributing to Web 2.0; my profound laziness; other things.

I'm sure people read blogs for insightful thoughts, fleeting glimpses into the souls of other human beings, and the odd bit of humour. Not me. I read them for the links. I try and post most of them on Facebook but every once in a while there's something so fantastic, so unbeleivably awesome, that it earns a place of honour in the blogosphere (whatever the hell THAT is).

I have a secret desire to dress up in old-timey clothes all the time--not just on special occasions. Really, I just want to live in Gattaca world, but without the social evil. Failing that, I'll settle for Victorian-era old-timeyness. I've recently been informed that there's some sort of movement called, I don't know, steamwhistly punk? Steamytime Punk? Anyway, they dress up like they're extras in The Time Machine (the shitty Guy Pearce version).

And this is where they shop.

There's your link-feast for the day. Also, I never did actually apologize for all the links. Oh well.

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