Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Summary of Tonight

Hey all, it's late and I have an early meeting so I won't write a lengthy entry.

Tonight was the opening speeches, complete with one from Howard Dean. It was interesting, but not really worth waiting two hours to hear. I missed half of it because Kennedy and Dion had way more kids with signs in the room than we did, which is the convention equivalent of... I dunno. Poor planning. Anyway, I ended up in hallway waiting for some guy to show up that could unlock the room with more signs in it. He eventually showed up, and there were no signs in the room. Poor planning.

However, I ran into John McCallum in the hall and thanked him for calling our fundraising party. Oh, and Bill Grahm liked my 80 gallon-cowboy hat.

There's quite a bit of media in the hall, and it's kind of cool to see their booths looking over the floor. I'll try to take some pictures of it later to post here. That, or you could just watch it on TV. I ran into my buddy Aaron Wherry who's now writing for Macleans. I hadn't seen him since I was running for President, so that was pretty sweet.

Turns out that another old Gazette guy--Tait Simpson--is working for the Liberal party at the convention. I was trying to track him down, and ran across his dad, noted political author and Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson. I stopped him in the hall and he turned around with a look that screamed "Oh god, another person about to ask me about my opinions on the convention." I don't think he took well to my stopping him and saying "Excuse me, aren't you Tait Simpson's dad?" and asking if he knew where Tait was.

Most of the night was spent at hospitality suites (the good one's, with booze. Not the online kind) trying to convince other delegates to vote for Michael. It was... Interesting.

There was one Kennedy delegate, though, that had attended Western as an undergrad and who's only memory of Western's student council was Operation Massive.

And that was before he knew who I was.

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