Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My First Day In Montreal

First off, I'm really sorry for the email that everyone's gotten. I hit the wrong button on my mac, and next thing I know it sends an email to eveyone that's ever sent me an email.

I really feel like an idiot. Whoops.

That kept me up most of the night and, as a result, I slept pretty well on the flight to Toronto. I had a two hour lay-over, which was extended by an hour because the flight to Montreal was delayed. That would have been annoying, except that Kendra (my finacee, for those that don't know me) was there to meet me, which made it all manner of fantastic.

When I arrived in Montreal I went straight to the convention centre via my small knowledge of the French language ("Parlez vous anglais?") and the good humor of taxi drivers. Upon arriving, I was told that the Liberal party was--as far as it was concerned--missing $400 of my delegate fee.

Right. That's a problem.

Turns out that there's a "delay" in the Ignatieff team getting its forms processed by the party, so I'm told that we ought not to fret. I'm heading back to the convention tomorrow morning to sort everything out. Needless to say, if that doesn't happen there will be a ruckus raised. A mighty ruckus, indeed.

Erin (whom I'm crashing with) took me around and we bought wine, drank it in an Indian restaurant and then wandered through The Plateau (?), eating bagels, drinking coffee and looking at expensive clothes and kitchen furniture.

Tomorrow, I'm off to sort out this fee business, meet with a prospective McGill PhD supervisor, attend some policy sessions and maybe go for a run.

Tonight, I sleep.

And don't bother telling me about the emails. I already know.


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iBrett said...

Don't forget to visit Ben's! Oh, and then you must visit Pierre Trudeau's old residence to purify yourself after arguing that the Quebcois are a nation. :P