Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Running Into People

I'll do a more detailed post later with my experiences in the policy sessions and how my meeting with the prospective PhD supervisor went.

For now, consider this:

I was talking down the street trying to find the convention centre, listen to The Killers on my iPod and just looking around at the architecture when I almost run into someone on the street.

It was Michael Ignatieff. Whoops. We talked for a few moments (he seemed to remember be from the few previous meetings we'd had) and then we went our seperate ways.

Later, I was sitting in a policy session on social issues. I eventually got bored and started to look around (periodically posing for the video cameras that are ubiquitous here, taping the events for a "best of" DVD and recording the votes) when who do I find sitting behind me?

Bob Rae.

I didn't see how he voted on the resolution to decrease the age of consent for anal sex, though.

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