Saturday, March 17, 2007

Back from the Dead

So it turns out that I have a blog. Who knew?

Sorry about the delay, but I've just forgotten/been too lazy to/having had anything to talk about that would cause me to update my blog in a while.

When last we spoke, I talked about a budget election. Oh jesus, I still hope I'm wrong. There's a variety of fun and exciting reasons for this, ranging from not wanting Elections Canada to spend a shitlocker of cash on the whole ordeal to me getting really, really angry at political rhetoric these days (I'll save that for another post). That, and I don't want to see a single add with "Stand up for Canada" on a Rent-a-Sign outside a community centre in a commerical. Ever. Again.

I'd like to help out in this election--the whole experience of being a riding co-ordinator in Edmonton-Strathcona was great, and Kendra would really, really like it if I gave more thought to a career in politics. (That, also, will be another post. Suffice it to say that there's a fair amount of cognitive dissonance between my desire to get involved and start working in the system and my general hatred of a lot of the mechanics OF that system. I never claimed I was unique in that respect.)

That said, it would be nice to help out in a riding where there's actually a contest. Edmonton-Strathcona? Not so much. Once I move to Richmond Hill in a few months, I could work there (also not much of a race) or anywhere in downtown Toronto, which would be all manner of brilliant.

Now, I won't be moving before the end of April, so the later an election is, the better. Plus, maybe there are fewer "Stand up for Canada" ads out East. All I know is that they played every EIGHT MINUTES in Edmonton.

So, as I mentioned there will be more posts in future. Besides the previously alluded to posts on why modern political rhetoric is destroying political culture--as opposed to reflecting it--and an existential reflection on What I Want to Do with My Life, expect rumination on: Why Battlestar Galactica, Lost, and most other serial dramas are really starting to suck; Why the rural/urban divide keeps my up at night; How the justice system risks being destroyed by people trying to save it; Is colonialism a bad thing? Does the fact that I have no idea make me a monster?; and Why smoke filled rooms are just about the best thing ever, as long as the smoke is from cigars and the rooms are wood-paneled.


Pink said...

Oh there will be a contest in Strathcona. It just won't involve the Liberals.

Sinal said...

No doubt! Although if it's anything like the last time there will be a spread of a few thousand votes between first and second.

Truth be told, I could care less who wins in any particular riding, as long as there's a RACE of some kind. I mean, COME ON. I just don't like to imagine any particular riding where one ideology is so dominant that there isn't even a serious contest. Lord knows I'm a naive man for thinking that a world of contant political to-and-fro would be great, but at the very least lets not have a place where one party rules for decades at a time.

Maybe that's the "dickhead from Ontario" in me coming out.